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Carrefour France is working with some phone recycling services to enable customers to exchange their old mobile phones for shopping vouchers.
Read the complete article at the link here below.
The New York City Council has voted to require all city-owned school buses to be battery electric by 2035. Read the article published on Cleantechnica.com here below.
Asia Pulp & Paper's paperboard brand for food and beverage packaging received plastic-free certification from Flustix, an international plastic-free certification body based in Germany. Read the complete PR Newswire's article at the link here below.
#ReturnthePlastics is an European Citizens' Initiative to implement a Europe-wide deposit system for recycling plastic bottles. Read the Regione Ambiente article at the link below.
An app was invented with the purpose of support and revolutionize agriculture in Africa. Read the article here below!
The Lego Group unveiled the prototype of their famous brick made, for the first time, from recycled bottles (in PET). Click to read the "Packaging Europe" article here below.
There is more to the packaging of products from Amazon than meets the eye: Read the article here below!
Where there is a will there is a way - Dr Liz Wilks comments on the need for biodegradable products. To view the full article register on @OPI at the link here below.
A recent European survey revealed that paper-based #packaging is favoured for being better for the environment, as consumers become conscious of their choices. Dr Liz Wilks @WilksLIZ features this month at OPI.
Designer Tobia Zambotti has used discarded single-use masks as the stuffing for a sofa. Read more at the link below!
The silent sales person called “Packaging” is becoming more important than ever in promoting products.
Read the article in the link below.
Have you ever thought about how packaging could be in the future? Ali Kaylan, @SIGCombibloc explains #packaginginnovation
Despite a challenging #2020, there are some lessons we can learn from #COVID-19 in achieving a more responsible supply chain. Click the link to read this interesting article.