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There is more to the packaging of products from Amazon than meets the eye: Read the article here below!
Where there is a will there is a way - Dr Liz Wilks comments on the need for biodegradable products. To view the full article register on @OPI at the link here below.
A recent European survey revealed that paper-based #packaging is favoured for being better for the environment, as consumers become conscious of their choices. Dr Liz Wilks @WilksLIZ features this month at @OPI #sustainablepaper #consumerchoices
Designer Tobia Zambotti has used discarded single-use masks as the stuffing for a sofa. Read more at the link below!
The silent sales person called “Packaging” is becoming more important than ever in promoting products.
Read the article in the link below. #packaging #consumerawarness #marketresearch #marketreport #forecasting
Have you ever thought about how packaging could be in the future? Ali Kaylan, @SIGCombibloc explains #packaginginnovation
Despite a challenging #2020, there are some lessons we can learn from #COVID-19 in achieving a more responsible supply chain. Click the link to read this interesting article #supplychain #CovidLessons #sustainablebusiness #climategoals #sustainability