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“Forest For Future” Memorandum of Understanding signed at Milan’s Town Hall
Green Management Institute – promoting the MoU in Italy – to assess the conditions for public and private players in the country to take part Milan, 16th June 2016 – Milan, 16th June 2016 – “Forest For Future”, the Memorandum of Understanding aimed at bringing together public and private players to increase awareness concerning the sustainability of the paper packaging supply chain as a whole, was introduced in
The Green Management Institute, promoting the initiative in Italy, launched the “Forest For Future” Declaration today at Palazzo Marino, Milan’s City Hall. The Declaration promotes balance in all areas, from conservation and sustainable forest exploitation to raw materials processing right through to the circulation of sustainable packaging and education on how to recycle it. Those who have endorsed “Forest
For Future”, or do so in the future, will be committed to communicating it with a view to converting the packaging supply chains to higher sustainability.
“Forest For Future” already has a few partners who have proved to be interested in the promotion of a sustainable culture in the packaging supply chain, through the development and spread of research activities aimed at disseminating a packaging culture that fully evaluates the financial, social and environmental impacts. In any society, it may be said, production and consumption have major repercussions in terms of the resources that are exploited. The development of global markets and the need to comply with legislation and regulations have involved a strong focus on packaging production, as packaging is often made from non-recyclable or hard-to-recover materials.
In Italy, the volume of paper packaging used is in excess of 4 million tons a year, of which 57% is for food. 337,000 tons of converter-based flexible packaging (paper-plastic multi-laminates) are produced, over 90% of which are for food packaging, guaranteeing food hygiene, but often creating problems differentiated refuse collection and waste recycling. The use of plastic in packaging, particularly food packaging, is still largely prevalent; the food & beverage industry absorbs 77% of the total volume of plastic packaging in Italy. Nowadays, however, technologies and renewable materials exist that can ensure consumer safety, environmental protection and appropriate waste management downstream.
Green Management Institute and its operating partners in Italy are already onboard, and will commit to involving a critical mass of companies and institutions in endorsing “Forest For Future” in the short term. This will enable effective safeguarding of our planet’s green lungs, and start a virtuous circle in the chain, as well as a massive transition to sustainable packaging. Hence, packaging is an essential communication tool for provision of information about manufacturers’ – including Italian manufacturers’ – commitment to the protection of ecosystems.
Francesco Bertolini, President of Green Management Institute stated: “This new cooperation with our Forest For Future partners stems from a convergence of different players who have developed skills, knowledge and networks in the areas of sustainability and circular economy, while promoting an extended view of corporate social responsibility. The partners who have endorsed Forest For Future can materially create
more sustainable value”.